Forms Of Artwork

Art is  a universal language, recognized by different tribes and race from all parts of the world. Artwork has been popularized so much that it can be found everywhere around us; from the bedroom poster to the embossed photograph hanging on the wall.

Contemporary art has greatly evolved and has many forms, incorporating modern approaches such as digital innovations as well as motion pictures. Modern day art isn’t just seen but can be experienced. Here are modern art forms;


Dating back to the age of the Neanderthals, painting is the earliest form of art with various masterpieces recognized in this form. Some great painters include Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelo and others.


Drawing is just as old as painting, probably older, dating back to prehistoric times when everything was documented with peculiar drawings. Drawing is a form of preparatory art that also prepares an art for further inclusions.


The earliest sculptures were made of stone and ivory, dating back to the upper Paleolithic period. Much later, bronze figures came into shape and then other three dimensional forms of artistic sculptures. Sculpture techniques using various materials include; carving, casting, Modeling, and assemblage.


Craft making requires dexterity and high level of artistic innovation. This form of art gained popularity in the 19th century. The decorative art allows flexible craftsmanship and a mechanized form of creation. Any material can be manipulated into a craft art; it’s all about creativity.

Performed Art

This form of art is expressed in motion or human action. Those who perform these forms of art are referred to as artists or performers. The ability to mimic certain characters, as well as educate, entertain, or inform creates visual aesthetics that can be archived as art. Performed art can be photographic or in form of motion pictures. Often times performed art require interpreters for better comprehension; this in itself is a form of performed art.

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