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The Right Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaning unit. Once you have invested in this cleaner you may not need to spend on any other cleaning device. With its various attachments this cleaner ensures an absolutely dust-free environment with fresher air to breathe. In cases of emergencies you can also get in touch with carpet cleaning Corona Del Mar. If you have got kids in your house, then accidental spills cannot be avoided. If yours is a house like this, then this cleaner will prove to be your best mate. It expertly cleans spills and small areas.

Also, since it’s sleek and lightweight, it does not require much effort to be picked up and hovered around to quickly clean a spill. Owing to its compact features and sleek design, carrying it around or storage isn’t a problem at all. It can easily fit in small cabinets or any crammed space. It comes with a rinse and reuse filter, saving you time and cost of replacing it again and again. It also has a BrushRoll powered by the cyclonic technology, allowing immaculate cleaning and hassle free transition from one surface to another. Even though we look out for vacuum cleaners with multiple functions, we mostly end up buying machines that do not provide complete solutions. The Shark Navigator is recommendable if you are looking at a single cleaner with various features to help you clean your house perfectly.

The right cleaner boasts of the cyclonic technology which expertly separates fine dirt from air. It prevents the vacuum from clogging and keeps it clean; it also retains the suction power for a longer period of time. Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology combined with HEPA filtration helps you get rid of 99.9% of dirt and freshens up the air. HEPA filtration targets pollen and bacteria proving to be beneficial for asthmatics.

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