What Does Conte Need To Fix?

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Manchester United aren’t the only team with a whole load of problems in their team and the defending Champions’ completely losing their plot against Bournemouth last week. The formidable 3-4-3 that was terrorizing teams and was almost impossible to break down last season has been shattered this season due to the lack of mobile defenders in their squad. Both Alonso and Azpilicuetaare great tacklers and great at attacking the wings with their effective crossing but they can be easily run over by fast players on any odd day and that is what Bournemouth coach Eddie Howie, used to his advantage against Chelsea.

Cahill is probably one of the slowest midfielder’s in the Premier league and Rudiger’s last of positional knowledge has really made his team suffer this season. These problems were highlighted first when Spurs ended their 13 match unbeaten run last season. They are the current Champions and Morata’s injury is causing them a lot of problems but nobody expected Antonio Conte’s team to be so lacklustre tactically this season.

Teams have exploited their lack of mobility at the back and have used fast runners to run in between spaces when attacking. Teams have also used high pressing against them to put their players under pressure, resulting in them losing the ball at the end. Conte really needs to address their issues and buy at least one defender who is both tactically capable and also not a slow pony, so that they can compete for the title next season.

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