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The New Honda Odyssey 2017

We have read and been through a lot of articles on sedans but what about the bigger family cars? Yes, it is true that to the speed obsessed generation, sedans offer a more sporty and raunchy look when compared to the bigger cars, likely the SUVs and minivans  in that section. But there are some of the SUVs those can give serious competition to these sedans. But don’t know yet where to lay hands on now? The new 2017 Honda Odyssey  has the apt answer. One true fact is one would be missing out on a heaven of comfort and convenience if he or she looks down on this new Honda giant. Yes, trust me this car is THAT good!

The cars like the Odyssey always have the general three rows seats where the third row is often complained of being short and cramped leaving little space even for a person having medium height. But Honda made sure this complaint would not come with the Odyssey. It also leaves adequate space for luggage and stuff along with comfortable seating. With a smooth like butter V6 engine and the interior of the cabin being refined huge and spacious, this beauty is a joy to ride on the road. Yes now one might say that V6 engine is not the best on the road out there but the engine is powerful enough for car enthusiast looking for frequent rides through the terrains.

The car has got excellent handling on the wheel making it recollect memories of the fine handling in the Honda favorite Accord. The negligible downfall of the model is that most of the nicer and better facilities are only available with the higher and pricier models.

Hope we convince you enough to consider the New Honda Odyssey 2017 for your use, let alone buy it. For more, keep reading!

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